Employment Opportunities:

Qualified Level I or Level II Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) pilots.  Send a resume to albert.hanson@columbiabasinhelicopters.com .  The minimum requirements to become a SEAT pilot are listed below.  If more time is needed to meet any of these requirements, please let us know on the cover letter. 

(a)  1,500 hours…total in all aircraft.

(b)  1,200 hours…in airplanes.

(c)  200 hours…airplane single engine land.

(d)  100 hours… dispensing fire retardant, water on fires, or agricultural materials.

(e)  25 hours… in the same make and model to be flown (Air Tractor 802).

(f)  200 hours…of low-level flight in airplanes.

(g) 200 hours…in mountainous terrain or 100 hours after successfully graduating from a recognized mountain flying school. Mountainous terrain experience is defined as experience in operating airplanes in mountainous terrain as identified in 14 CFR 95 Subpart B, Designated Mountainous Area. Operating includes maneuvering near terrain, crossing ridgelines, and evaluating conditions such as wind, temperature, and density altitude.

(h)  100 hours…in airplanes in the last 12 months.

(i)  10 hours…in airplanes in the preceding 60 days.

Columbia Basin Helicopters, Inc. operates five (5) SEATs.  One of our Air Tractor 802 airplanes is a duel cockpit to assist in training.  We have Federal and State Exclusive Use and On-Call contracts.